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Here is what a few MagEyes users have to say about the product. MagEyes isn't just convenient...it's use can be life changing!

"...very comfortable to wear..."
The MagEyes has been demonstrated to me, and I enthusiastically recommend this appliance. It appears to be effective, very simple to use, and very comfortable to wear. Most importantly, because it is an external optical device that does not come in contact with the eye itself, it is very safe to use.
Jeffrey B. Arnoult, M.D.
Houston Eye Associates
"Now I can see to cut my food..."
I took my mother to try on a pair of MagEyes. She has to wear very thick glasses, the thickest possible. When she tried them on, she turned to me and said, "Now I can see to cut my food. Do you know how that makes me feel?" Needless to say we both had tears in our eyes and so did the sales clerk.
Colleen Meadows
"Mom can even read the comics now..."
Thanks for sending the glasses right away. Mom can even read the comics now. She loves to read. Now she can watch TV and do close work more easily.
J. Punic
"I can see to resume my favorite hand-work..."
Because of an eye injury I could not do needlepoint; with MagEyes I can see to resume my favorite hand-work.
Jean Hennington
"...it was the first time ever that he could hold his paper in both hands and read..."
For many years, I realized my daddy couldn't see like most people. He was told he was legally blind. He had the opportunity to try MagEyes. He used the stronger #4 lens and still used it with his glasses, but he was delighted, as it was the first time ever that he could hold his paper in both hands and read like most people in a normal, comfortable manner.
Eddie Richmond
"My work is much easier to do using MagEyes..."
I have used Mageyes for two to three hours at a time while working on my craft projects. My work is much easier to do using MagEyes. Even working for several hours at a time in hot weather the unit felt light- weight and very comfortable.
Mary Noel Wagner
"She will be able to thread a needle with MagEyes..."
I think MagEye is a wonderfully creative idea. My mother will soon be 88 years old, in excellent health, but her eyesight is failing. When I was visiting her recently, she asked me to thread several needles for her in different colors of thread. She had some mending to do, but could not thread a needle. She will be able to thread a needle with MagEyes.
LaVerne Chandler
"He's even buying books again!..."
My husband and I bought a set of MagEyes for his father who has macular degeneration. Well, he absolutely loves them and has gone back to one of his loves-reading! He's even buying books again! I guess there's no way to stop the aging process but there are things that do help along the way, one of them being a set of MagEyes! Once again, thank you.
C.A. Cota
"I thank you sincerely for your help..."
My mother was able to see the needlehole of her sewing machine with the #7 lens -you can imagine her excitement & hope that she can get fitted with glases to help her sew again. It seems that the “government run” optical place is telling her that her vision is too poor for glasses and they can’t help!!! So much for government run health care. Hopefully, she will be able to go & get fitted by a private optician now that she has proof that this is not hopeless.Thank you for your product! I thank you sincerely for your help. I do appreciate it.